A student who has rented an apartment from Majstranden can sublease the apartment to another student for the summer months (June-August) or during study related work experience or student exchange.

If you sublease your apartment, remember the following:

1. Please notice, that if you sublease your apartment, the agreement is between you and your subtenant only. If you would face any problems like missed rent payments or problems regarding the condition of the apartment, Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova can not help you with these. You will remain responsible part towards Majstranden regarding all the tenants’ responsibilities.

2. The law and the directions given by Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova define the terms for subletting the apartment to a third part (person). Subletting the student apartment is allowed only with special permission from Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova. In this way, we aim to ensure all our customers equal treatment and the right to live in a student apartment. Subletting and accommodating third parties without permission can lead to the termination of your tenancy agreement and claims for compensation.

3. A room in a shared apartment can only be subleased for the use of one person. A room in a girl apartment can only be subleased to a girl and a room in a boy apartment only to a boy. Studios can be sublet to only one person. A two-room apartment can be sublet to two persons. A family or a friends´ apartment can be sublet to the same amount of people that there are bedrooms in the apartment. In joint responsibility agreements sublease agreements have to be signed by every principal tenant even if only part of the apartment is subleased.

4. You may only charge the same amount of rent you pay to Majstranden. The principle tenant can charge for the furniture if left for the use of the subtenant.

5. Always sign a sublease agreement. You will find one at the end of this page.

6. You must always inform Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova about the sublease by sending one of the filled and signed copies of the agreement to the Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova office at least one month before the subtenant moves in. Should the period of the sublease agreement consist of months other than June, July and August, certificates of study related work experience or exchange must be enclosed. If the filled and signed copy of the sublease agreement is not send to Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova one month before the subtenant moves in, Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova is entitled not to accept the sublease. The tenant living in student housing may not, without the permission of the lessor (Majstranden), hand over the apartment or part of it, or have persons living there who are not covered by the tenancy agreement, or transfer the tenancy agreement. The lessor requires that the apartment is being used for student housing only.

7. If you receive a housing benefit, you have to inform the benefit officers about your subtenant. You will not receive benefit during the time of the sublease agreement.

8. The subtenant has to inform the magistrate about moving in. Visit for more information.

For additional information contact Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova by phone 020 7699 400 or e-mail at

You can find a printable version of a sublease agreement form here.