Storage space

The tenants’ storage spaces are in the basement areas. There are only a few storage spaces at Majstranden, and the property company manages them. If there is an empty, unlocked, storage space you may not use it without contacting the property company’s personnel first.

Tenants must empty the storage space when they move out

There are also public storage areas for bicycles, prams and other outdoor equipment. The property company clears out the public storage areas now and again and the tenants’ unlocked storage spaces, if there are things that are not marked, are broken or classified as rubbish.

  • The property company is not liable if the tenant’s own neglect leading to the loss of objects and goods
  • It is only permitted to store things in the marked storage spaces
  • It is absolutely forbidden to store things in the property’s public spaces and corridors due to the risk of fire
  • The property company regularly throws away things that the tenants store along rescue routes or other prohibited areas in the property

Storage of mopeds and suchlike in the basement and other indoor areas is forbidden, unless the fuel tank is completely empty. For safety reasons, when passing through locked doors/fire doors, make sure the doors lock behind you.