Majstranden II

Majstranden’s newest student accommodation

The student accommodation at Byholmsgränden 7 (A, B), 5 (C, D) and 3 (E) was ready for occupation at the end of 2012. The modern and well-equipped accommodation consists of one-room and two-room flats. At Majstranden II there is a well-equipped laundry, which is free for all residents. There is also a sauna on the property. You also have the possibility to rent a parking space.

The rent includes

  • A light flat with either normal or French balcony. The floor area is efficiently utilised.
    The kitchens are equipped with domestic cooker and fridge.
  • 10/10 MB Internet connection.
  • Option for cable TV
  • Water charges
  • Full waste management


In the one-room flats, every square metre is used very efficiently.  
  • 1 room + kitchen, 28,5-31,5 m².
  • There are 138 apartments of this kind.
The two-room flats at Majstranden II come in two different sizes and therefore give alternatives for different forms of accommodation. The smaller two-room flats are equipped with sliding doors, which screen off the bedroom from the rest of the flat. The larger two-room flats are also suitable for sharing with friends. The rooms are equally large and soundproofed. The room doors are lockable. The kitchen with adjoining room and the bathroom are common space.  
  • 2 room + kitchen, 38-43 m². There are 29 two-room flats of this type.
  • 2 room + kitchen, 54,5 m² (shared accommodation). There are 14 two-room flats of this type.

Parking spaces

The property has 36 parking spaces at its disposal; these are rented out separately.

Laundry facilities

Majstranden II has two laundry rooms (staircase 7B and 5D) with two washing machines, a tumble drier and a drying cupboard. There is no charge for using the laundry facilities.


Majstranden II has three saunas - one large, one smaller and a roof sauna. These are located in staircase 5D (on the ground floor) and 3E (on the top floor).

Rubbish container

The rubbish containers are placed outside in the inner yard. Please pay attention to the instructions on the rubbish containers.