About us

Pleasant, competitive and green student accommodation campus

In November 2004, the construction work started on a new quarter comprising 227 student flats and an education block on the campus that has been created around the Arcada University of Applied Sciences and the vocational institution Prakticum in Arabianranta in Helsinki. The first flats were ready for occupation in 2006, and, at the end of 2012, the next student accommodation at Majstranden was ready. Today, there are over 500 student flats at Majstranden. The construction of the newest flats were finished in autumn 2014.

Majstranden’s student accommodation is located at Romgatan 5, Jan-Magnus Janssons plats 6 and at Byholmsgränden 5 and 7.

Because the owners of the student accommodation set strict environmental requirements, the goal has been to create a so-called green campus. Apart from the building technology, this involves building a well-functioning campus with short distances between home, studies and the basic services. The owners also want to increase the attractiveness of the metropolitan region as a university town by building and offering student accommodation at competitive rents.

Majstranden’s owners

Majstranden’s student accommodation consists of four companies:

  • Fastighets Ab Majstranden
  • Bostads Ab Majstrandsgården i Helsingfors
  • Bostads Ab Majlunden
  • Fastighets Ab Majparken

The accommodation in Bostads Ab Majstrandsgården i Helsingfors is owned by Ab Gammelstadsvikens kulturstöd. The rest are owned by Fastighets Ab Arcada NovaNylands Nation vid Helsingfors universitetSvenska Studenters BostadsstiftelseTekniska Läroverkets Kamratförbund r.f. and Driftingenjörsförbundet i Finland r.f.

Connected with the student accommodation at Byholmsgränden, there are also 20 handicap flats for the Kårkulla joint municipality and office space for Kårkulla’s care agency. On the ground floor at Jan-Magnus Janssons plats can be found Prakticum’s automotive engineering premises, which are owned by Samfundet Folkhälsan.

Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova administers Majstranden

Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova, the Arcada Foundation’s property company, is responsible for the student accommodation’s management functions (leasing, contracts) and caretaker services. All accommodation at Majstranden it rented out in common and the rent levels, as well as the terms, are identical.

Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova has acted as the property developer for the construction project. The student accommodation was planned by Arkitektbyrå Stefan Ahlman Ab, and Haahtela-rakennuttaminen Oy has acted as consultant property developer.